More About Me

From a young age, I loved drawing, painting, and designing and was captivated by real estate for all the architecture and design elements. It isn't surprising I have landed in the Real Estate industry given my family's deep roots in the construction industry. Growing up in Indianapolis, Indiana, with a father and older brother in construction, it was inevitable. While I initially pursued a career as a barber, I maintained my passion for real estate. While cutting hair, I connected with clients who were real estate investors and even bought my first investment property at 23, rehabbing homes and generating passive income through rental properties.  

Despite the 2008 recession interrupting my real estate journey, I took it as an opportunity to learn more about the industry through books, podcasts, and studies. Eventually, I ventured into project management for a new home builder and later founded my own contracting firm, working on various projects for clients. 

Now, as a Realtor, I've found the perfect blend of entrepreneurship and education, enabling me to assist and add value to all my clients. Beyond work, I cherish my roles as a soccer dad and husband, enjoying the company of my wife Tiffanie, three children, and our Dog, Tiger.  

My attention to detail, extensive knowledge in construction, investment properties, and strategic partnerships grant me a unique and valuable perspective, one that I eagerly offer to my next client.